The Center for Advancing America's Heritage

The Hawaii Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (Hawaii SAR) is proud to join our compatriots at the National Society (NSSAR) is asking your help in raising funds to complete the Center for Advancing America's Heritage in Louisville, Kentucky, a private project funded on a voluntary basis by patriotic Americans.

There are some in todays society who falsely believe there is nothing special or sacred about America. The members of the Sons of the American Revolution beg to differ! We know that Providence guided the founding of our nation. We have a duty to continually educate Americans about the principles that make America great, or risk losing those freedoms and liberties we cherish.

To keep the American Revolution - and to fight today's lack of learning about Americanism and knowledge of the inspiring events of the founding of our Republic- the SAR has embarked on an ambitious project to construct this unique educational center.

The Center for Advancing America's Heritage will house SAR's extensive Revolutionary War collection as well as a comprehensive learning library. The Center will also reach out to schools and educational institutions across the nation by developing curricula on the American Revolution for elementary schools. Interactive exhibits will allow children and visitors to witness the drama and excitement of America's eight-year struggle for freedom. The genius of our Founders who successfully crafted a nation like no other in history - will be rekindled again for present and future generations.

So far the SAR has already raised more than half the $6 million needed to complete this project. Will you join us in making this vision a reality? We must never forget the men and women, the patriots, who made our nation free. Let the bell of freedom ring!

We have posted for you web presentations focused on the architecture, cost estimate and history of the Center concept. these HTML documents were translated by Microsoft Powerpoint into HTML from original Powerpoint documents and, as a result, be advised that the files can be quite large.

In addition, please view the list of donor benefits.

Tax-deductible contributions of all sizes are welcomed. SAR is proud to recognize the patriotic gifts from patriotic Americans who will make this project possible. To donate you may call (502) 589-1776 from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Time. Or, send your check or money order to National Society Sons of the American Revolution, 1000 South Fourth Street, Louisville KY 40203, or donate securely via the Internet at


... America is a land to be proud of,
Why else would the patriots have fought for us?
Why else would we have yearned for justice and freedom?
Why else would young soldiers risk their lives to defend and protect us?
Because the values of our country are strong,
because we are proud to be Americans”

~Source: Kristen
12th Grade
Copyright 2006
Listed 11/14/2006
Poem "recognized for creative excellence"
by School District of Lee County, Ft. Myers, FL”.